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Welcome to The Best Jokes, where you will find, well, the best jokes! Of course, humor is subjective so that’s a bold statement to make, but that’s why we have gone all-out, covering all kinds of subjects across hundreds of topics. There are thousands of jokes here on The Best Jokes, all of which have their own little image, because these days it seems that no one wants to read anything unless it looks like a meme or is superimposed over a cute picture of an animal/baby.

Not like we’re complaining. It’s our love of memes that led us to creating this website in the first place. So, enjoy! There are all kinds of categories to look at and you can find these at the top. We have tried to separate them into age groups because while most of these jokes are okay for all ages, some of them are a little too tasteless for younger readers.

If you want to help us out, telling us your own jokes, anecdotes and more and getting these posted on The Best Jokes website, then be sure to checkout our Write For Us page. We’ll take any funny stories you can give us, but we’re particularly interested in tragedies where everything goes wrong and you were made to look like a fool. Not because our readers prefer it, just because it makes our editors feel better about themselves.

Funny Yo Momma Jokes

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Still here? Maybe the thing we said about memes wasn’t true. Maybe you just have nothing better to do. Maybe you’re in one of those moods where you’re happy to stare at the screen and read all that’s there, but are so lazy you can’t even be bothered to click a link or use your mouse.

Either way, we appreciate your continued attention. It took time to write this and we definitely didn’t do it just because our bosses were paying us by the word.

That would be really really really really really unfair of us. And that’s just not us.

Best Pages on The Best Jokes

Jesus, are you still here? What does it take to make you stop reading? Even our editor didn’t make it this far. For three weeks after this site was launched this section was nothing but one long anecdote about the time my brother caught…himself in his zipper and I spent 6 months making circumcision jokes.

Seen as you have made it this far I might as well point you in the direction of a few of my favorite pages here on The Best Jokes, One of my personal favorites is Scottish Jokes. And that’s not just because I wrote it. Or maybe it is. But it’s great nonetheless. Just bear in mind that if you find something you don’t like or don’t find funny, then I didn’t write that. But everything that makes you laugh…all me.

We also have Dad Jokes and Parenting Jokes and you can also find pages on some more niche subjects, including Ford Jokes and Military Jokes. A lot of these pages exist because we had requests for them and most of those requests seemingly wanted us to post jokes mocking the group in question. But we’re not that cruel so we have tried to keep everything clean and inoffensive.

LOL Christian Jokes

Getting Involved with The Best Jokes

If you want to join our writing team (you really shouldn’t ) then you can visit our Write For Us page, linked above (seriously). You can also check out Contact Us page (they beat us, you know) and our About Us page. On this page you can learn more about the The Best Jokes brand and the work that we do, as well as the other brands that we are connected to.

If you do want to write for us then (you’re insane) just make sure you pay attention to our guidelines. These are often ignored and we get a lot of spam as a result. Our editors will just ignore this though so if you want to grab their attention then make sure you at least give them a cursory glance and don’t rush straight to the form and paste whatever junk message you have copied.

Yes, we know your tricks.

More From The Best Jokes

The Best Jokes website is growing all of the time. Launched in the middle of 2017, this is a brand new website (unless you’re reading this after 2019, in which case that won’t make sense) that is constantly being worked on and is constantly getting new content. We have all kinds of ideas to make this website bigger and better and our ultimate goal is to be the biggest site for jokes and one-liners on the internet.

There are a lot of great comedy sites out there and we have some work to do if we are to beat those. That’s why we need your help. So, if you like the website then contribute, read, watch and bookmark us. There will always be jokes to read and enjoy and as we grow we will add anecdotes, stories, longer jokes, videos and more. So keep coming back, keep supporting us and you can be part of the growth of one of the biggest comedy sites online.

Also, we’ll get a lot of money if you do.

Adverts and Sponsorship

As you may have noticed, there are very few ads on the The Best Jokes. That’s because we hate the sites that are filled with ads and don’t want to be one of them. So we have kept these to a minimum and we make sure that we only associate with a few advertisers, as well as Google Ads.

If you would like to partner with The Best Jokes, whether as a main sponsor or just one that posts a little sponsored content now and then, be sure to check with our FAQ where you will learn more about how to become one of our partners and what sort of deals we can offer you.