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Animal Jokes

If daytime TV is to be believed, animals do the funniest things. That is, when they are not licking themselves in inappropriate places and sleeping all day. This Animal Jokes page was created for pet owners everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have a preference for dogs or cats, these jokes are for everyone.

Animal Jokes

For owners of human children, AKA “children” check with our Parenting Jokes and Baby Jokes instead. If your babies are hairy, like to lick themselves and have a passion for sniffing human feet and animal backsides, then read on.


Funny Animal Jokes


Funny Animal Joke

Okay, so these are some pretty corny animal jokes, but there is a certain cuteness to silly little animal jokes like this. And don’t forget, the internet and animals go hand-in-hand. If not for cute/grumpy cats, we probably wouldn’t have memes and your Facebook feed would be filled with nothing but pictures of your auntie’s weight-loss journey and those cringe-worthy “inspirational” quotes your boss insists on spamming your news feed with.

We need animals to take away the monotony of humanity and to make the world a little more tolerable. So stop complaining and start laughing at these jokes.


Free Animal Jokes

Think you’ve got it bad when you’ve put on a few pounds and you friends have given you that judgmental look? Spare a thought for the whale–it can’t be easy being labelled the biggest animal on the planet.


Animal Jokes Picture


Best Animal Jokes


Very Funny Animal Joke


Short Animal Jokes


Long Animal Jokes

This is basically the ultimate list of dad jokes and kid jokes. So, if you have a few kids of your own then load-up on these one-liners and you’ll get your little ones laughing and groaning in equal measures before long.


LOL Animal Jokes


Hilarious Animal Jokes


After looking at all of these images and corresponding jokes, two things are clear. Firstly, our researcher who compiled them clearly has kids and probably got a kick out of reciting these jokes for them. In fact, those kids may have even provided the jokes. Secondly, he has no idea what any of these animals look like.