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Baby Jokes

What’s the only thing better in the world than having a baby? Not having a baby. Ha ha. Just kidding. I can joke about that because I have three of them … four, if you count their dad. I love those little snot drippers better than anyone else in the world. But let’s face it. They’re tiring, and a little humor doesn’t hurt the situation.

Baby Jokes

Baby jokes happen on their own. Remember when you forgot to cover little Johnny’s diaper area, and he forgot he wasn’t wearing a diaper? Or that time Susie threw a tantrum because you told her she couldn’t eat the family cat? But it’s not all fun and games in the parenting world, and sometimes you need a break. When you’re finally able to sit down for a second, don’t go shower. Instead, read through these baby jokes for a good laugh.


Funny Baby Jokes

Now, not all dads are that literal. But a good number of them will think of any excuse to get out of changing a diaper.


Funny Baby Joke

Ha ha, I see what you did there. But no, with any luck they’ll get a paper route at 16 and hurry on a little faster.


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Best Baby Jokes



Very Funny Baby Joke

Not all dads are as literal as the joke in number one, but most kids are as literal as the kid in this joke. Be careful what you ask your kids to do. You may end up with a louder, wrinklier baby than the one you already own.


Long Baby Jokes

Heh. Enjoy it while it lasts, too. Because then they’re a toddler and only want to wear the Supergirl cape and the purple tutu. Then they’re 8 and only want to wear the same pair of athletic shorts, even to bed. Then they’re teenagers, and you don’t know what they’re wearing anymore because they change in the high school bathroom.


LOL Baby Jokes

When Teenager Corn asks that, you can finally Explain to him that Pop Corn ran away to have a “Jolly Time” with “Skinny Corn,” but that you’d had to keep it a “Pop Secret” all these years.


Hilarious Baby Jokes

That baby told dumb jokes.