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Basketball Jokes

If playing ball, shooting hoops and slamming the dunks (yeah, I’m down with the kids) is your thing then you will love these basketball jokes. Maybe.

Basketball Jokes

Contrary to what avid fans would have you believe, Basketball is just a game. I mean, if you’re a player or coach then it’s probably a little more serious. But if you don’t rely on the game to earn a living, then you should probably lighten up a little and learn how to make fun of it.

If you can’t do that then you might hate us by the time we get to the end of these Basketball Jokes, because we’ve made fun of it a few times. If it helps, we’re not picking on Basketball. We also have joke pages for Soccer and Football.


Funny Basketball Jokes


Clearly it should be ran, but don’t blame me, I don’t write these things. Seriously. I mean, I offered, but they wouldn’t let me. They don’t trust me, not anymore anyway.

You make one tasteless joke about chickens and incestuous relationships and no one lets you do anything. Not fair, is it?



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I am sure the players of said team would disagree, but their fans probably wouldn’t. And they would know, because they are the ones subjected to the torture of watching the Bucks play every week.


Very Funny Basketball Joke

We must be still on the Bucks. Clearly the researchers are not fans.


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I am coming to learn that joke pages are like random people telling jokes in pubs. Everyone has an innocent, somewhat cringeworthy joke. There are a few jokes that make you laugh or at least smile. And then there’s the drunk guy who takes it too far.

This is that guy. This is a joke better suited for our Tasteless jokes section, but I’m going to leave this here.


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He’s back. Seriously, who let this guy in and why has he been given the microphone?


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I think this is a joke…is it? I’ll leave this to you to decide. Maybe it’s a “Ha, I’m old” kind of joke. On the plus side, I think they finally took the microphone from the drunk guy.