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Cat Jokes

Cat Jokes

The world is divided between cat lovers and dog lovers. The latter have their walks and their loyalty, but the former have independence and the hilarity that ensues from playing peek-a-boo. Dog lovers have to contend with ass sniffing and leg humping, cat lovers need to get over the fur-balls, the impromptu vomiting and the insatiable need to knock things off tables. We’re definitely cat people here on The Best Jokes, and for everyone on our side there are a number of relatable and amusing cat jokes below.

If you prefer canine kind then checkout our Dog Jokes. We don’t want to pick sides and have given both of these pets their own space on the site. But clearly cats are better.


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The problem with cat jokes, as any cat owner will tell you, is that the joke always seems to be on you. Yes they do stupid things, from attacking their own tail to jumping ten feet into the air just because you moved your feet when they were creeping across the floor. But the rest of the time, you can’t help but feel like the joke is on you, that they are planning and conspiring against you.

They are probably laughing behind your back, telling all the other neighborhood cats how embarrassing you are when you baby talk them, while also mocking your sex life. After all, why else would they insist on sitting there and staring at you when you undress and…do other things if not so they could later tell their friends all about it?

Cats treat their owners like a soap opera, we’re sure of it.

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Another thing that cats have over dogs is that the internet seems to be on their side. Prior to the birth of the internet you could be forgiven for thinking that the world was siding with canine kind, but as soon as it became possible to post pictures and videos for the world to see, we all realized that people are far more kitten and car obsessed.

From Simon’s Cat to Grumpy Cat, Garfield memes and more, the internet is awash with felines. It loves them and as cat lovers, we can see why. Dogs, on the other hand, don’t have much in the way of competition. They have a meme that became a cryptocurrency and seems to be entirely based around the fact that it doesn’t make sense. That’s it.

Whether you like it or not, cats rule the internet.

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