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Christian Jokes

We have all kinds of one-liners and other jokes here on The Best Jokes. We don’t discriminate, but we do mock quite a lot. These Christian jokes are good natured through and were written with Christians and Catholics in mind, as opposed to being written to mock them.

That would be beneath us. I know what you’re thinking, surely nothing is beneath us.
That’s what I thought. But no, our researches have kept this one fairly tame.

Apart from a few borderline nun jokes that is.

Christian Jokes

So, to see what our writers and researchers had to say about nuns, Christ and all things Christian, keep reading. You may also want to check with our other joke pages, linked throughout.


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Funny Christian Joke


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Nothing stirs a little controversy like a dirty nun joke. And I should know, I’ve done stand-up in a convent before.



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See, not all funny Christian jokes are offensive to Christians and nuns.


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This one is a little on the line, but we deal things out in equal measures. Just take a look at our Jewish Jokes to see what we mean. We also have pages about other groups and religions, because everyone should be made fun of a little. It’s like a rule.


Short Christian Jokes

But he also had two of every fish, right? So, he wouldn’t have needed to do any fishing. In fact, assuming Noah wasn’t a vegetarian then he would have had plenty of raw ingredients waiting for him onboard.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it. This is why I’m never invited to birthday parties.


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Brilliant. Not really a joke for Christians and more a gamer joke, but still, it’s a classic. And if you do not get it then you need to brush up on your console classics. Although if you are a strict fundamentalist Christian, the sort that tries to put the “mental” back in “fundamental” (a certain “west”based church, for example) then you’ve probably campaigned to ban this game at one point in your life.


Hilarious Christian Jokes

A nice way to end a page on Christian jokes, by insulting their lord and savior. But still, it’s harmless, so we can all agree that it’s funny and not offensive, and that reaching for pitchforks and lynching our researchers would be against God and not for him.