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Clean Jokes

These clean jokes don’t have the bad language and subject matter that some of our other pages do. We have a lot of child-friendly joke pages here on The Best Jokes, but this is just a little clearer about those intentions. And there are some really good ones here, even for the parents. Number 8 in particular will have you in stitches, and I’m not saying that in the way that so many annoying “viral” listicles do, just to get you clicking and reading.

It really is a good one.

Clean Jokes

These clean jokes should be okay for all ages, but number 8 is a little closer to the line than the others. Maybe that’s why I find it so funny. Maybe that says something about me.

It could also be why I have a thing for fart jokes…but let’s leave the psychoanalysis for another day.


Funny Clean Jokes

Ouch. Okay, just so I can be clear, I didn’t write this. So, before everyone reaches for pitchforks and looks to hunt me down, it wasn’t me. I’m on your side, trust me. And not just because I’m worried you’ll talk my head off if I dared say anything else.


Funny Clean Joke

That explains my current situation.


Free Clean Jokes

You have to love a good Cross The Road Joke. Just a shame this wasn’t one of them.


Clean Jokes Picture

That’s what parents do. They are there to clean up after you when you’re a baby; shout at your when you’re a child; bail you out of jail as an adolescence; and then pay for your bills when you eventually reach adulthood.

It makes you wonder why they bother having you at all, but there are upsides. Because when you hit 30 and they’re in their 60s, then the roles reverse. You start bailing them out of their crazy pensioner shenanigans. You cover their tracks as they become old-age alcoholics and renegades and eventually, when they are 80+, you start cleaning their diapers.

It’s the cycle of parenting.


Best Clean Jokes


And no doubt because he would fry in the summer. See, I can do bad jokes as well. Take that, editor.


Very Funny Clean Joke


See, sometimes a bad joke can be a good joke. Just wish I could say the same thing about most of the other ones.


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And September can Oct–no, wait–December Jan your…I give up.



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Officially the best joke here. Okay, so i’s a little on the knuckle for a Clean Jokes page, but I’m letting it stick because it’s brilliant.


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