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There was a time when computers were rare and used only by geeks. This was the age of MSN Messenger, a time when you needed to pay a monthly subscription to use internet that hogged your phone line and took 10 minutes to download a single image. Thankfully, those days are gone and now everyone can appreciate these machines. So, whether you are recalling those days with nostalgic glee, or you’re of the new breed of computer users, take a look at these computer jokes.

Computer Jokes

These days everything seems to be a computer. My nephew has a $3 teddy bear that has more computing power than my first computer did. Still, there is a place in our homes for big, bulky PCs and the big, bulky people that still use them. They are the ones who will enjoy these computer jokes the most.


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A genuine question I was asked on a regular basis many years ago. And I didn’t even work as an IT technician, I just had a lot of stupid family members who considered me to be a computer whiz because I knew what PC stood for and could turn one on.


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Face-palm, head-desk and all other forms of self battery. This is a bad one and if you laughed at all then you should be ashamed.


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The computer is old and has been single for a long time, it should stop looking for a connection and start taking what it can get. It’s too picky. The dating game is not its friend anymore.


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It’s almost like this joke was written for me.


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As someone who grew up at a time when IE use was almost mandatory, I can attest to this. Thankfully, those days are gone and IE is now like the old, former bully who gets left behind several years at school and tries to pretend that he has always been cool so that the young kids will be his friend.


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The realist in me sees a flaw here, the paid writer in me says to leave it the hell alone, collect my check and move onto the next one. So, I’ll see you on Gamer Jokes.