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Funny Sites OnlineWe try our best to update this site as much as we can with as many jokes as we can. There are also anecdotes, stories and everything else that can make you laugh here on However, we’re just one site, one team of writers and as we only launched in 2017, we’re also brand new.

We need time to make things work, so in the meantime you can get your comedy fix from some of our favorite humor sites and channels, all of which are listed below. You can also bookmark this site as well, of course, and take a look at the current content that we have. There is plenty of funny stuff already (Soccer Jokes, Irish Jokes) and we are adding more of it every single day.

  • This humor site brands itself as “Comedy with a college education”. It has provided some of the best humor articles that that you will find online and it is updated with several new articles everyday. We were introduced to this site a few years ago and ever since then it has been one of our favorites. We have made a point of reading all of their biggest articles and all of their new ones and we have spent many hours reading, clicking, and searching on this site. As its name suggests, the comedy is a little more educated and a lot more intelligent. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you get the jokes and know a thing or two about history, gaming and other popular topics, then you will likely love this site.
  • College Humor: This is another one of our favorites. It’s not quite on par with Cracked and there is a lot of stuff that misses the mark–which can’t be said about Cracked. But that’s humor for you. It’s subjective and everything isn’t going to appeal to everybody. The good news is that this is still a great site and one that covers all kinds of topics in an amusing way. There are also a lot of College Humor videos and memes. Many of your most popular memes may have actually begun with these guys.
  • Funny or Die: Another site that produces some brilliant stuff and some okay stuff, Funny or Die will probably have a little something for everyone, but it’s unlikely that everyone will love all of their content. This site tends to focus on viral videos and they have some well known comedy actors starring in these, because Funny or Die is a big brand in this industry and one that big names are more than happy to be a part of.
  • Epic Rap Battles: Great music, hilarious videos–what more could you want? If you haven’t heard of ERB yet then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. These guys are huge and they deserve every ounce of respect and recognition that they get. The videos are well crafted, with a lot of effort, some great tunes and some hilarious gags thrown in. They are everything that a quality Youtube channel should be and we always make sure we catch up with the latest videos from their channel.