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Dog Jokes

Dogs are funny creatures. They are loyal, a little stupid, and they can range from small, yappy and annoying muts, to big, horse-like creatures that make even the most animal-friendly people wet themselves just a little (or maybe that’s just us). If you love dogs then you will love these dog jokes.


Actually, don’t hold us to that.

Dog Jokes

Before we get to the actual dog jokes, I’ve been told to waffle on a bit, possibly to distract you from the terrible jokes that await.

But what is there to say? I suppose I could joke about dogs licking themselves and then licking your face as you smile and ignore all the sweat, hair and God-knows what else currently transferring to your skin. But that would be cruel so I’m just going to let these jokes do the talking for me. You should also take a look at our Cat Jokes page if you prefer feline kind.


Funny Dog Jokes


Funny Dog Joke


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Yes we know, one has a tail, the other is a tale. We get that, we’re not dumb. But come on, it’s a joke. If there is anywhere we can be allowed to play a little looser with the English language it’s a pun.


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Best Dog Jokes


Very Funny Dog Joke

Another put, but you probably knew that. Unless you’re currently staring at the ceiling with a confused look on your face as you try to figure it out. If so, we feel for you and we’re glad stupid is not contagious.


Short Dog Jokes

How did this one get past the editors? Come on guys, I’m standing here like an idiot trying to quip on borderline stupid jokes and then you throw me a curve ball like this. That’s it, I quit.


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Our standards really have slipped.


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Try telling that to the Koreans. They have a different opinion on this matter. But let’s not spoil the mood.