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Easter Jokes

Easter is everyone’s least favorite holiday, Jesus included. Kids like it, but it’s not something they get excited about and beyond the fact that they can stuff their face with chocolate, they don’t really know much about it either. These Easter jokes are our way of injecting a little fun into this typically bland holiday.

Easter Jokes

Of course, if you are Christian then Easter is probably more than chocolate and Easter bunnies. But if that is the case, then please get in touch and let us know just how a rabbit and a chocolate egg came to symbolize a holiday based around resurrection. We really want to know and will eagerly await your explanation.

In the meantime, here are some Easter jokes.


Funny Easter Joke

Isn’t an Easter egg made of chocolate? Just who the hell is frying their chocolate eggs? Actually, don’t answer that. It’s the Scottish, isn’t it? First it was the Mars Bars and now this. How long before fried porridge makes it onto the menu?


Free Easter Jokes

And because he manages to live for hundreds of years while only being seen one day a week and subsisting on a diet of chocolate. Also, he doesn’t exist. Sorry kids.


Easter Jokes Picture

Another issue with the whole Easter business, just why is a bunny carrying around eggs? Kids will be growing up thinking that baby bunnies come from eggs.


Best Easter Jokes

If anyone has the Easter Bunny’s address, do let us know. We have some questions we would like to put to him.


Very Funny Easter Joke

Now that’s just cruel. Funny, but cruel.


Short Easter Jokes


Long Easter Jokes

I love a good dark joke and this is a classic. If you like this sort of thing as well then be sure to check out our pages on Tasteless Jokes and Filthy Jokes.


LOL Easter Jokes

The second hare pun, because apparently one wasn’t enough. I say “apparently” but one really was enough and if I find another one then I am quitting.


Hilarious Easter Jokes

Phew. I really didn’t want to quit.

On a side note, this is how I am going to be spending my next April. Considering Easter changes, I’ll just do this every day in April to make sure I cover all bases and traumatize as many children as possible.