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FAQ (Questions and Answers on The Best Jokes Website)

Do you have some questions about this site or the work that we do? Then take a look at these frequently asked questions. You will find answers about our sponsorship packages, as well as the people that created this website and the people that ensure it stays active.

What is The Best Jokes?

The Best Jokes is a joke website that posts joke pictures everyday, providing a host of new and fresh content, with jokes relating to all kinds of subjects aimed at people of all ages.

Who Owns the Best Jokes

As mentioned briefly on our About Us page, this website is owned by a team of writers and marketers that also have a hand in a few other websites. This is what we do. It is a passion that we have been involved with for a number of years now and The Best Jokes is one of our biggest projects, as well as one of the most unique.

A lot of the other websites that we run are smaller and designed around a single purpose. The Best Jokes bucks that trend and appeals to a large number of readers. We don’t really talk much about these other projects but you may see them mentioned from time to time.

Can I Join the Team?

We are very selective about who we work with. The team we have built consists of hard working developers, writers, editors and researchers from around the world. We trust them all and we have been working with them long enough to understand what they are capable of and what they are best suited to.

We have tried taking on new team members in the past but this has not worked out well. We have had writers who have missed deadlines and then given up altogether, editors that have missed glaring mistakes, and more. As a result, we tend to be highly selective about who we accept and in most cases we simply reject submissions outright.

If you would like to apply to write for us, however, then you are welcome to do so. You can find more information on our Write For Us page. Just make sure you read the guidelines there. Also, avoid using the Contact Us page to send us such requests. A lot of readers do this, even though we specifically warn against it on several pages. All such requests will be ignored, so make sure you use the Write For Us page if you want to get a response.

Do you Accept Guest Posts?

Yes and no. It all depends on the quality. We are not a blog, so we are not really the sort of site that is setup to do this. However, if you have an anecdote or a long joke that is original, then we may be open to it. If it is filled with links to low quality websites, if it advertises a product or a service or if it’s just really poorly written, we’re not as willing. As you can imagine.

Do You Accept Jokes?

Of course. You can use the Write For Us page link above to send us these. We would be happy to post them on the site and use your name as the writer. But if you want to post such a joke or anecdote as a way of getting links live, you will need to be open and honest with us and fill in the form on the aforementioned page.

Can I Sponsor a Post?

We do offer sponsorship packages, but again, there isn’t really much in the way of actual posts here for you to sponsor. You can, however, get your banner on the site and there are other things that we can offer you as well.

Just know that we prefer to post our own advertising and to source this ourselves. That way we can select the products/services that are likely to appeal the most to our readers and are also likely to generate the most leads. If you would like to see what we can offer you and to have a chat with our advertising team, then use the Contact Page to do so.

You can also discuss sponsorship packages with other websites owned by the same brand that owns this website.

Where do you get the Jokes?

The jokes on The Best Jokes are taken from all over. Jokes are passed around like currency. They are part of the public domain, to be enjoyed by everyone and we are simply spreading that enjoyment. We do try to post original jokes where possible, but as soon as we do these are copied by other sites and they then become part of the public domain. As a result, it’s very unlikely that the content you find on this site will be exclusive to this site, even if that was the case when it was initially published.

We tried to post original content as well, alongside these jokes, but because of the nature of this content it also finds its way onto other websites and on social media. If you believe that we have taken your joke without permission and you think you have a copyright claim to this, then be sure to get in touch via the Contact Us page. You can also check our Terms and our Privacy Policies pages, where more information on copyright can be found.

We’re not mean, we’re not cruel. We are creators ourselves and we understand how frustrating it can be when someone takes your content. So, if you think one of our researchers has done that then do get in touch and we’ll see about removing it. We try to avoid such instances by making sure none of the material is copyrighted, but we pay a team of researchers to find jokes at a rate of hundreds a day, so it’s possible that some will slip through the net.

Do you Own the Images?

All of the images that you can see on this website, except for some original logos, come from the public domain. We have instructed our researches to only get images that are royalty free and are labelled as such on Google. Again, if you think a mistake has been made in this regard, then you are welcome to get in touch with us. If you would like to use the image on your own site then go for it!

You can even keep the joke on it if you keep the name of our site at the bottom.

Do You Own the Theme?

The theme, plugins and layouts used on The Best Jokes are all paid for. The site uses a premium theme and is fully paid-up. The same goes for premium plugins. We don’t actually use a lot of those here so if you like the look of the site and want to create one yourself, you’re just one great premium theme and a few solid plugins away.

Although, you’re also going to need a team of hardworking writers, editors and researchers, as hundreds of hours went into the creation of this website.