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Filthy Jokes

We have all kinds of joke pages and pictures here on The Best Jokes. Many of these are family friendly, which is more down to our love of cheesy puns than anything else. But these filithy jokes are definitely not family friendly, unless you have a very disturbed family, one modeled on The Hills Have Eyes perhaps.

Filthy Jokes

If you are easily offended, take a look at some of our other pages instead, because these might not be for you. Although in all honestly, you’re going to have to be pretty prudish to take offense at these jokes.

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Funny Filthy Jokes


Funny Filthy Joke

I can honestly say I have never heard it referred to as being “plugged in” before, but I have to admit, it is kinda apt. Although, it’s not sexy and I wouldn’t advise propositioning your partner with “Can I plug in, darling?”. She’s not an iPhone charger.


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Phew. Thank God for that punchline. I thought we were about to overstep a mark there. On a side note, I prefer my bubblegum blue. Make of that what you will.


Filthy Jokes Picture

Bridge is much better when you have something to fiddle with between hands.


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A joke that will have many men laughing on the outside before making some calculations on the inside, eventually arriving at a conclusion that makes them neither happy nor proud.


Very Funny Filthy Joke

It’s a joke that would probably get old quick, but I guarantee that it’s one that has been made in every single sperm bank around the world, as well as every time a sitcom character has visited a sperm bank.


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At least that sign makes more sense and helps a lot more than anything she would have in her horoscope.


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Everything in moderation, as they say.


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She’s a good kid. Her perverted dad should be proud.