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Football Jokes

If you love football then you will have heard and told a few football jokes in your time. Half of these were likely mocking rival team, while the other half were probably against your own team. That’s just the way of things. We like to mock the struggles of our rivals and ourselves, but as soon as those rivals join in with that self-mocking then the tables turn and we direct our mockery back on them.

In fact, that pretty much sums up spectator sports. Add a few obligatory topless fat guys with letters stenciled on their stomachs, a lot of beer and some overpriced merchandise and you get football–America’s biggest game.

Football Jokes

These football jokes are all about the NFL and college football. In other words, it’s football in the American sense, and not the European one.

If it’s soccer you’re looking for then take a look at our soccer jokes, which is much of the same, only with a different shaped ball, a little less padding and far fewer adverts for Chick-Fil-A.


Funny Football Jokes

I heard that the same thing happened to JeMarcus Russell.


Funny Football Joke

This joke probably only works if you get both football and possums. I’m with the former, but not the latter. Do possums have a habit of playing dead at home? Do they even have a home? I’m Scottish, not American (although I do love football jokes and that wasn’t a lie I told the site’s editors just to get more money) so possums are alien to me. I’m just going to assume that this one works and then blame the researchers if it doesn’t.


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As a fried-chicken loving Scot (we invented it you know, except our version didn’t have much flavor) I feel your pain at the fact that this chicken restaurant chain decides to shut on Sunday. That’s religion for you. It creates wars and it closes chicken restaurants. Whatever next.


Best Football Jokes


Very Funny Football Joke

They might have enjoyed losing Superbowls in the past, but these days they can’t even make it that far. I mean, how long ago was it that the Bills actually made it to the Superbowl? Not like I can say anything, I support the Ravens. I’m not from Baltimore or anything, I’m just a little masochistic.


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I’m sure this joke would have been hilarious twenty years ago. Now, not so much.


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Impressive, right? And I bet you came here looking for empty-headed sport jokes.


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I’m starting to get the impression that our researchers are not Bills fans. I’m not sure what it is. Just like the Bills and the Superbowl, I can’t put my finger on it.


Hilarious Football Jokes

Ah, the Browns. The one team that get more flak than the Bills and the one team that deserves it more. I got into football a couple years ago and have tried to watch every televised game since then. I love the Falcons, the Pats and, as mentioned above, I support the Ravens. Give me any team and any game and i’m good, from the exciting young Rams to the future Hall of Famer currently throwing for the Cowboys and the fellow Brit running for the Dolphins.

But there is one team I just can’t watch and that’s the Browns. Luckily for me, they are rarely televised here in the UK. If you have ever wondered what games we get over here, let me put your mind at rest. We get all of the big games and we see all of the big teams regularly. But we rarely see the Bills, Redskins and the Bengals and we never see the Browns, which is just as well.