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Ford Jokes

Success breeds contempt. The bigger you are, the more annoyed customers you have, the more failures you have endured and the more the public will mock you. So, when it comes to automobiles, no one gets as much grief as Ford. These Ford jokes are testament to that.

This is a category that our readers can’t seem to get enough of, suggesting that there are more than enough Ford owners and former owners out there happy to watch as this American manufacturer becomes the butt of jokes. And if you’re happy to watch, then we’re happy to provide.

Ford Jokes

After no further ado (okay, maybe a little further) here are some Ford jokes for your viewing pleasure. Just make sure you don’t try to read these when you’re in the car. Unless it’s a Ford, in which case they can make for some great light reading while you wait for the tow truck to arrive.

We kid, of course! We love Fords, seriously (we’re actually a little baffled as to why this is such a big category in the world of one-line humor) but we also love mocking the things that we love (as our wives and husbands can attest), so here goes.


Funny Ford Jokes


Funny Ford Joke

If the price of gas continues at this rate then the same could be said for pretty much all cars on the road.


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There are some liberties taken with the English language to make this one work, but it’s not for me to beat a joke down with logic.


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The Focus in particular seems to be the butt of many Ford jokes out there. And for the oldest automobile manufacturer in the world, one that has been responsible for a few poor creations, that takes a lot.


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The astute amongst you will note that a Chevy joke managed to make it on a page about Ford jokes. The rest of you probably drive a Ford.

And if you’re wondering whether we just stuck a random Chevy picture on this page just so I could make that joke then yes, of course we did, and I’d do it again.