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Funny Dumb Blonde Jokes

Looking for some funny dumb blonde jokes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. On this page we have listed our favorite dumb blonde jokes, with a few classic oldies and some more modern jokes thrown in for good measure.

Funny Dumb Blonde Jokes

There are very few groups of people that are okay to offend. And rightly so, because as soon as you start mocking someone for their race or creed then you go down a very dark and twisted rabbit hole. One of the ones that seem to be okay and accepted by most are dumb blonde jokes.

That’s because these jokes are not against all blondes, just like Scottish Jokes and Irish Jokes are not against all Scots and Irish. They are focusing on a specific stereotype and playing to that. Also, these jokes are really funny, you have to admit.


Funny Dumb Blonde Jokes


Funny Dumb Blonde Joke


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I can’t laugh, every time I turn the lights out I get a sinking feeling that I’m blind. What if, I think, the light really didn’t go out and the only reason it’s dark is because I went blind as soon as I flicked the switch? Or, what if the light did go out but I also went blind at the same time and won’t realize until morning?

That’s why I don’t sleep much these days and why my electricity bill is so high.


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To be fair, this would confuse anyone, regardless of hair color. Ask me to sit in the corner of a circle and you’re going to get a look of bewilderment in reply.


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She’s only being polite.


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Phrased as if this is a perfectly normal thing for a blonde person to do. I mean, come on, are we supposed to believe that blonde people walk around with their hands over their ears all of the time? Are we supposed to accept this? I know it’s just a joke, but it’s taking liberties with the truth. I can accept all the talking bunnies and babies in the world (see Animal Jokes and Baby Jokes) but this is where I draw the line.