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Gamers are a unique breed. You only have to look at games like World of Warcraft to realize that. We spend our real lives playing a virtual game where our days consist of doing monotonous tasks to get fake money that we can trade with androgynous 12 year olds who keep making Yo Mama jokes.

That is as close to a definition of insanity as you’re going to get. When I was 18 I rejected the notion of working as a shelf stacker because it was too monotonous, not very social and I was better than that, only to spend the next 4 months locked in my bedroom grinding XP by performing an activity much less interesting than stacking tins of beans.

What’s worse is that the irony is only now striking me, some 10 years after the fact. If you are anything like me, then these gamer jokes will likely get a laugh or two from you. And if they do not, then don’t blame me. I’m technically just the messenger here and I’ll be enjoying–or trying to enjoy–the jokes right alongside you.

So, let’s begin, as I’ve wasted enough of your time already and I don’t want to keep you from your WoW clan any longer.

Jokes for Gamers

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Funny Gamer Jokes

Ah come on. I was hoping we could start on a high. Even if I accept the play-on-words, am I supposed to believe that it’s her favorite lunch just because it has her name on it? I literally have an aunt named Jemima, but is her favorite food pancakes and maple syrup???

…Actually, yes it is.

That was a bad example.


Funny Gamer Joke

I like the addition of the drum-beat, as if to remind us that this was in fact a joke. because I would have never realized if that hadn’t have been there. “Ah yes,” I would have thought. “What an astute observation, I will have to make a note of that.” It really would have not crossed my mind.


Free Gamer Jokes

Okay, I take the drum beat thing back, because this one needs it. Without it, I’m pretty convinced this is just an observation. I am always crossing the road to play WoW.  I also cross the road to get to the other side, to meet my Aunt Jemima (don’t worry, she’ll be happy for the exposure, she thinks it means she’s gone viral) and to visit my friend.

But are those jokes? No. There’s nothing funny about them whatsoever.

Except for my Aunt Jemima and the thing she does with her ears…


Gamer Jokes Picture

Again, not a joke. Come on, we’re losing them Mr. Researcher, ramp it up, hit us with your best shot. We’re ready!

I can feel it. Something special is coming!


Best Gamer Jokes

I give up.


Very Funny Gamer Joke

Uh-huh. Is it home time yet?


Short Gamer Jokes

If you have made it this far then you’re a better person than I am. Also, thank you for having faith, but I think it will be unfounded.


Long Gamer Jokes

Also, creationism is stupid, so there’s that. No offense, religious people, but come on. If it’s so outlandish that you can’t even convince someone who reads nothing but science-fiction and plays nothing but fantasy games, then you need to go back to the drawing board.


LOL Gamer Jokes

Is Wario like…a thing? It sounds like a German rip-off of Mario.


Hilarious Gamer Jokes

The only thing worse than a good pun is a bad pun and the only thing worse than a bad pun is this. You failed me Mr. Researcher and you failed all of our game-loving readers as well. So, if you have manage to make it this far guys then join me as we head over to Redneck Jokes. I promise this one will be better and I promise that because I’ve already seen it.

Trust me, your eye-rolling is done for the day.