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The game of golf is an odd one. It’s a game that no one likes until they get married and have kids, at which point it becomes the perfect way to get away from said marriage and children. Seriously, hands up if you can name more than one person you know that loves this game and is not married and/or has children.

I personally hate the game and I’m neither of those things. But I can still appreciate these golf jokes. Also, I’ve been paid to write about them, and if there’s anything I appreciate even more than humor, it’s money.

Golf Jokes


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I love a good Chuck Noris fact. No one gets close to Chuck Norris without living to regret it. Death himself once had a near Chuck experience. Chuck Norris was once bitten by a cobra and after many weeks of agony and suffering, the cobra finally died.

I live for this and could go all day. But this page is for jokes about golf, not Mr. Norris, so let’s get back on topic.


Funny Golf Joke

Not sure I get this one. Seems random, but maybe that is the point.


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I can actually imagine this outcome. It’s not that far fetched. There are people who get a bit too close to their cars and would happily choose them over their wives (seriously, look it up, you will regret it) so it’s not a stretch to imagine the same for golf clubs.


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Sounds like me every time I have played golf. Which, actually, was only once. That’s all it took for me to realize that I preferred soccer and, well, everything else.


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Are we just brushing over the fact that he called him, “Boy?”. He’s lucky the caddy didn’t take those clubs and beat his face like a fairway.


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If the above golf joke touched on racism, then this one drives a ball directly through it, wins a trophy and then cheats on his wife.


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This could have ended badly, so I’m okay with this outcome. No one is offended by a Hitler joke if the punchline is him being scared for his own life.