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Halloween Jokes

Halloween is a time for scares and sweet treats, but here on The Best Jokes it is also a time for great one-liners. Here are our favorite Halloween jokes in picture form to make it a little easier for the slower and younger of you.

Jokes About Halloween

Halloween and comedy go hand in hand, just like horror movies and comedy, because we all need a little laughter to help us forget that we nearly just wet ourselves.


Funny Halloween Jokes

Let’s be honest, even if it is, what are the odds that those 50 zombies are all in fancy dress and are asking for treats as opposed to seeking your brain matter? I mean, let’s be rational here. I know zombies likely don’t exist, but it’s just as likely as having 50 neighborhood kids show up at your door after dressing exactly the same.

In fact, unless you are shooting a shot-by-shot remake of Night of the Living Dead, there is no reason for 50 zombies to show up at your door that doesn’t end with your skull turning into an undead meze. So if this does happen then get out the pita bread and open the door. If zombie movies have taught us anything it’s that everyone ends up dead anyway and at least this way you’ll save yourself all of the aggro of trying to survive.


Funny Halloween Joke

As a big fan of the Body Shop, I can understand his or her’s eagerness.


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But they can also disappear as soon as you ask them a question they don’t want to answer.


Halloween Jokes Picture

And he’s seemingly quite proud of it.


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If you didn’t see this one coming then you should checkout our Kids Jokes.


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Hilarious…sort of.


Short Halloween Jokes

Ah come on, that’s the last thing they want. They spend their days making people scream and listening to it. The last thing they would want is to take their work to the dinner table as well.


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This joke would have worked better before someone used it to name an entire TV series.


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