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Comment on our jokes about heat and it being too hot, they old me. It’ll be easy, they said. They seem to have neglected the fact that I live in a country that the sun has given up on. In fact, England and sunshine had a falling out many years ago and they have never seen eye to eye since.

As a result, I now have to comment on jokes about it being too hot, even though this is something I only experience when I wake up unable to move because I’m so cold and then spend 3 hours glued to the heated leather seats in my car.

Ah well, here goes. And if this doesn’t work out, just know that our winter jokes page will likely make more sense.


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Funny Hot Joke

That air conditioner clearly thinks a lot of himself.


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I feel like this joke is missing something, like an actual joke. Maybe our researchers didn’t get the memo on this one.


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If fathers all over the world could get their way then this is what the thermostat would say when it was raised above a certain point, with the words, “That’s better. Well done” sounding whenever it was lowered again. In fact, if my dad had his way when I was growing up then the thermostat would have been kept under lock and key and I’d need to solve a series of complex puzzles before I was allowed to turn it up.


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It’s so hot where polar bears are? Who is making this comment and why are they surrounded by sun and polar bears? If they’re not in a zoo, then there is something seriously wrong with this picture.

Then again, that’s global warming for you.


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I can’t help but wonder if this was supposed to be “fry”. Maybe it was very hot where our researcher was and his brain was a little fried as well. They were also tasked with our Tasteless Jokes and Filthy Jokes, so visit those pages to see if they crossed, or rather stumbled head-first, over the line.


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Maybe it’s just me, but I pictured Robin the Boy Wonder doing something very naughty with a large glass of iced tea and a grin of relief and pleasure on his face. That’s one glass of tea I wouldn’t want to drink, but I bet he enjoyed himself.