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Husband Jokes

Husband Jokes

All husbands have good wife jokes and all wives have good husband jokes. For the most part, the twain shall never meet and are only spoken in the company of gossiping friends. But these jokes are mostly harmless anyway, even though they are filled with a bitter undercurrent of passive aggression.


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Funny Husband Joke


I feel like the origin country of the TV series is a random inclusion. On the plus side, the racist joke that I was anticipating didn’t materialize, so our researchers are improving!


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On first glance, it sounds a little cruel, but let’s be honest, she had it coming. It was a loaded question. She didn’t ask if her preferred her face or her body, she specified that she had a great one of both. In other words, cruel comebacks are okay when the person is a little narcissistic and smug. Bringing people down a peg or two is something that all humans get a kick out of and something that entire cultures (English and Scottish in particular) are built upon.


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Great comeback, which tells me it never happened, ever. Comebacks are for witty stand-ups and Winston Churchill. The rest of us usually just stand there looking stupid for a moment before muttering a random curse word and then storming out.


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This is actually kinda sweet. Like they say, love is blind, and also incredibly stupid. Okay, so I added that last bit, but how many of you can honestly say that you have never fallen in love, or thought you had fallen in love, with someone who was a complete tool? It’s a lesson we all learn and it’s a lesson that some people continue learning from the day they marry that tool to the day that death departs them.


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Okay, I knew that one was coming, but this would be a reckless move. It’s okay if you want to get your own back on a “friend” or roommate doing something like this, but not the person you kiss. That’s just bad hygiene.

I personally knew a cleaner who used this tactic on the toothbrush of the man of the house after she tired of his endless advances. But you can’t do it to the person you kiss goodnight and good-morning otherwise those toilet germs are going to transfer straight to you.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this…