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Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the iPhone changed the world. Not all of those changes have been for the better, of course. You could argue that it has served to disconnect us from the world around us, which is ironic for a communication device. But it’s a great piece of technology nonetheless and one that still leads the way in the smartphone race.

But every dominating piece of technology and every leading company is the subject of jokes and mockery and iPhone jokes are some of the best ones out there. So, let’s see what our researchers come up with and hand you over to our resident iPhone hating writer to provide commentary.

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I used to love the iPhone, but I gradually grew to hate it and to hate all smartphones for that matter. They are always increasing in price, way beyond what inflation should dictate and they don’t really get much better. Every year they trick flocks of people into buying the new device because the camera has one more pixel or it comes in a fancy new color!

That’s great, but it ain’t worth $1,000. You know what else I can get with $1,000? Something actually worth $1,000!

I’m sorry, but until the day comes when the iPhone can clean my teeth, wipe my ass and teach my computer illiterate father how to use the machine he insisted I buy, fix and maintain for him (he still thinks that the “remember password” feature is a hack attempt from the FBI) I’m not paying a four figure sum for it.

Anyway, rant over.


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I think this font is making me hallucinate.

Or maybe it’s the LSD I took earlier.


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This is what I’m talking about. If they can do this then I’m in. But let’s be honest, the day this becomes possible is the day that Samsung beat them to it.


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And after several charges they are much slower than they used to be.


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Too soon?



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I didn’t even read this one. I’m really starting to trip out with that font.


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Because her name is Siri, get it? Ha hilarious.

Sarcasm doesn’t really work in text, does it?


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This one just went over my head. Answers on a postcard please.