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Irish Jokes

That Paddy has certainly been on some adventures, but on this Irish jokes page it’s time to leave the butt of all Irish jokes out of this particular joke page. Don’t think for a minute we’re going to take it easy though, that just wouldn’t be our style.

Irish Jokes

These Irish jokes are mostly about people from Ireland and, from time to time, we might be a little offensive. But come on, you can’t click onto a page titled Irish Jokes and expect anything else. Everyone loves the Irish. They are an optimistic lot. They always see the glass of Guinness as being half full, there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and…some other offensive stereotype.

Just to prove that we are not singling out people from Ireland, we also have pages on Scottish Jokes, English Jokes and even Bengali Jokes! See, we’re not picking on you, we’re just offensive to everyone!


Funny Irish Jokes


Funny Irish Joke

Ouch. Okay, I think our researchers may have it in for our Irish friends.


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This may be an inadvertent dig at the Irish, because Scotch is a whisky made in Scotland, also known as not Ireland. Personally, I prefer whiskey to whiskey (apparently the “e” makes all the difference) but I enjoy an occasional Irish single malt as well. And if you’re waiting for the punchline I’m sorry, I just really like Jamesons.


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If you think this is bad, just know that this page initially had 10 jokes, but the one I just deleted managed to fit xenophobia, homophobia and sexism all into a single sentence. I was almost impressed, after I finished picking my jaw up from the floor.


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Try telling that to Conor McGregor. He firmly believes that the world is his and that he won it in a fight with God.


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Did I miss something? Maybe I’m like the stereotypical dumb Irishman, because this one just flew straight over my head.


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A soccer joke to finish it off. To be fair, the same joke could be made about every other country in the world and all of their fans would agree. It’s the self-defeating nature of the game. We’re all happy to moan about how useless our team is, unless a fan from an opposing team tells us they are rubbish, in which case it’s war.