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Math Jokes

Math jokes are an acquired taste, to say the least. You don’t have to be a numbers geek to get these ones, but it certainly helps with some of them. And don’t worry if you don’t get a few of them. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid, just a little slow.

Math Jokes

If you enjoy these geeky math jokes then you should also check with our Gamer Jokes page, as well as our Medical Jokes. There are countless more jokes and categories for you to explore here on TBJ, but for now, it’s time to see how algebra, calculus, and all those other things that terrified me at school, can make us laugh.


Funny Math Jokes


Funny Math Joke

I am sure there are several other reasons that calculus majors don’t throw house parties. But yeah, let’s go with this one. If nothing else it will make them feel better about themselves.


Free Math Jokes


Math Jokes Picture

Does that mean you can make a math book happy by solving all of those problems? If that isn’t enough of an incentive to make you do your homework then I don’t know what is. Still…I’m not doing it.


Best Math Jokes

One of the oldest jokes in the book. Sometimes the old ones are the best ones, but not this time.


Very Funny Math Joke

My personal favorite of all these math jokes, and not just because it’s one of the few that I actually get.


Short Math Jokes

I imagine this joke will go down well at chess club.



LOL Math Jokes

This sounds like something I would have done as a child. I was very literal. And a little stupid. I grew up being convinced that tomato sauce was used solely to cool food down. As far as I was concerned it was pretty tasteless and only ever used on hot foods. It made sense at the time.


Hilarious Math Jokes

Even talking numbers have taken to using texting shorthand. There is clearly no hope for the future of the English language.