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Medical Jokes

Medical Jokes

These medical jokes are for doctors, nurses and everyone who gets the lingo, as well as the rest of us who just enjoy laughing at or with the people who keep us alive and remove alien objects from curious orifices. Not that I’m talking from experience, mind you.


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My grandmother made a similar joke a couple decades ago. After she had been sick for several weeks the doctor approached her bed one day and declared that she was going to be fine and that in a couple weeks she would even be able to drive, only for her to declare that she had never been able to drive and if that was the case then she would get sick more often.



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There is a certain dark undercurrent to this one. You always know that’s the case when your first reaction is to laugh, your second is to pull a face and your third is to realize that you’re probably going to hell. And if you like those feelings, you will love our Tasteless Jokes and Filthy Jokes.


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I can’t say I’ve ever heard the expression “Add moist” before, but I know for a damn fact that I never want to hear it again. I mean, is there a worst word? It’s actually on par with “Carrot”, which, when you think about it, is a really horrible word. And as you may have guessed, I have spent a long time thinking about it.


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Clearly a joke for people who actually get medical terms. This is one of those medical jokes that us common folk will shrug at, but one that will incite a knowing giggle from the medical fraternity. I’m just going to pretend I get it and deserve to be in the former category, even though part of me sees a word like “Orthopedist” and immediately thinks, “Dinosaur”.