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Military Jokes

It’s not easy to make jokes about the military. I mean, there is a lot of material to go off, but those guys are usually built like athletes and they carry guns so…we value our lives too much to make fun of them.

That’s why we asked someone else to do it. So, for these military jokes we’re going to hand the commentary over to our resident grumpy ranter.

Military Jokes


Funny Military Jokes

A nice light one to start things off. No one gets offended, no bullets are fired and no keyboard gangster comedy writer needs to change his underwear. Although I should point out from the outset that I didn’t write these jokes and are merely commenting on them.

So, don’t shoot the messenger an’ all that.


Funny Military Joke

This could have taken a nasty turn, so let’s just be happy that this one stayed clean.


Free Military Jokes

This sounds like an inside joke. I’m sure people in the navy, army–or whatever other branches the government are training to kill foreigners these days–will be in stitches with this one.


Military Jokes Picture

From one small step to one giant leap…over the line of decency. Not like I’m arguing, the more tasteless it is, the better. It brings out the worst in me.


Best Military Jokes

Good twist. You had me for a minute there.


Very Funny Military Joke

An innocent pun that manages to create a very disturbing image. It has a little bit of everything does this military joke. Now, if you’re excuse me I’m going to throw up a little bit.


Short Military Jokes


Long Military Jokes

This is deserving of nothing more than an eye roll.


LOL Military Jokes


Hilarious Military Jokes

They say you should start strong and then get stronger. This guy clearly didn’t get the memo.