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Office Jokes

I work in an office, just like millions of other people who hate their jobs. It’s not that office jobs are bad, it’s just that they are a tedious, monotonous, one-way ticket to a bad back and hemorrhoids. Also, a lot of horrible people work in offices and most of them seem to be sitting next to me.

It had to be said.

Anyway, to save me from going postal on my fellow employees the next time they ask me to sign a card for John from editorial or to buy those nasty cookies their daughter insists on selling door-to-door, here are some jokes about office life.

Office Jokes

In case I came across as a potential murderous psychopath with homicidal intentions for my fellow office workers, I just want to work out that none of that is true. Also, my coworkers read everything I write on these pages.

Those things may be connected, they may not.


Funny Office Jokes

I can totally relate, except I quite like the idea of crushing soda cans all day. One of the few satisfying moments of my day is when I chug a can and then crush it. Especially if that can is beer and it’s breakfast time.


Funny Office Joke

There is a simple solution: become the fat guy in the suit. And I don’t mean Santa Claus. I mean John from editorial.


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This one clearly works better when it’s not written down.


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This looks like two jokes rolled into one. I think the joke must have taken so long for our researchers to copy onto the image they forgot which one they were telling. This is actually how my cousin tells jokes, followed by a sharp, loud laugh, a look of confusion and then a comment along the lines of, “Wait, that’s not right.”


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As an astronaut you’re all alone, thousands of miles from humanity, with no one to talk to.