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One Liner Jokes

The best jokes are the short ones, and we’re not just saying that because we’re introducing a page of one-liner jokes. Okay, so maybe we are. But they are still hilarious and well worth a read, so check them out!

One Liner Jokes

We have covered some classic one-liners before on this site, everywhere from our soccer jokes to our jokes by comedians. The page below is a selection of the very best, a host of unique one-liners in picture form for the simple ones amongst you (you know who you are).

They are short, funny, and just the right length for you to remember, instead of announcing that you’re going to tell a joke, stumbling through it and then ending with, “Ah dammit, that was the punchline”.


Funny One Liner Jokes

Explains the Titanic doesn’t it. Can you imagine how that guy would have been feeling if he thought he was going to be lumbered with the bill? It’s enough to make anyone welcome the afterlife with open arms. Of course, it’s probably not true, but it’s funnier if it is so let’s just pretend.



Funny One Liner Joke

It’s enough to make anyone relapse.


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One Liner Jokes Picture

A friend of mine got a tattoo in Chinese letters and told everyone it said, “I hate the police”. He ran into a spot of trouble when a Chinese kid joined his class and informed everyone that he was actually declaring his love of special friend rice.

For the rest of the college year he was greeted with calls of, “You want pork balls with that?”.


Best One Liner Jokes

Not true. I use Instagram and I never go outside. Instagram is Twitter for pretentious people who think everyone wants to see what they look like and what they eat every 5 seconds.


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You can’t argue with that kind of logic. Religious jokes are the best.


Short One Liner Jokes

Too soon, I think.


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LOL One Liner Jokes

I like a good twist ending. This one was almost as good as Gone Girl.


Hilarious One Liner Jokes

Right out of an old-school comedian’s handbook and a great way to end this article on one-liner jokes. Just a shame it didn’t start the same way.