The Best Joke Site on the Web (Probably)

Privacy Policy

What follows is a list of the privacy policies of The Best Jokes, henceforth referred to by the name of the company as well as “We”, “Our” and “Us.” This information pertains to the privacy of our users.

General Info

The Best Jokes is a content website that uses affiliate income to generate a profit. It does not and will not at any point in the future sell a product or service. However, it may link to other websites that do. Because we do not sell anything directly here on The Best Jokes we are not in position to take personal or financial information from our users, nor do we have any use for this information.

However, there are times when basic information is requested, as discussed in more detail below. To make sure that even these basic forms are safe, we have implemented an SSL certificate on The Best Jokes. This is often only used on e-commerce websites, but because it adds an extra layer of security and because we wanted to keep readers safe while they enjoy our content, we added one here as well.

Your Information

There are two contact forms on The Best Jokes website, the use of which will send information through to our editors. These can be found on our Contact Us page and on our Write For Us page.

These contact forms are optional and are only used if and when you want to ask us a question or submit some content for consideration. In dong so you will be asked for some basic information. In the case of the contact form this information includes your name and email address. We ask for this simply so we know where to send a reply, should one be needed, and so we know who to address that reply to.

In the case of our Write for Us contact form, we ask for the same information and we use it for the same purposes, but we also ask some questions about the content that you are submitting to us. For more information on our writing guidelines please see our Terms page, as well as the Write For Us page linked above.

How We Keep Your Information Safe

All forms on The Best Jokes are safe as the website is secured with an SSL certificate. This means that even though you are only sending us basic information, it will still be safe and secure and will reach us without issue.

Once this information reaches us it will only be accessible to three people that have access to the The Best Jokes servers, only two of which are editors that are actually tasked with receiving and replying to emails. They will store these emails safely on our server and on their own mail programs (iMail, Outlook). They will not be shown to anyone else and they will not be used for any marketing purposes. In many cases the emails will simply be deleted when they are no longer needed, such as when a reply has been sent.

Our editors do reserve the right to store these emails for cataloging purpose, letting the site owners know which messages they have responded to and therefore how much work they have done, but they will still not be seen by more than 3 staff and will never be sold, leased, traded or given away.

What Other Information we Collect

In addition to our contract forms The Best Jokes also uses Google Analytics, which is a program used by many websites that allows them to keep checks on how many people are accessing their site, where they are coming from, what they do when they are there, and more. There is no data to tie website usage to a single person and therefore no security risk. This program merely allows us to keep tabs on the site’s traffic, helping us to determine what is working and what is not, which in turn allows us to make changes to areas of our site that readers are not responding to as well as we hoped they would.


The policies listened herein refer only to The Best Jokes and not to any of the sites that we link to or affiliate with. We are not responsible for the content on any of these sites, nor can we control all of the ads that are placed on this website (many of them, such as those shown by Google Adsense, are third-party and tailored towards the user). Links should not be taken as a recommendation unless otherwise stated and readers leaving this website for others should always seek the privacy policies of those websites before they go any further, making sure that the terms they rely upon to stay safe on The Best Jokes are also in place elsewhere.


We do use cookies here on The Best Jokes because we believe that they offer the best experience for readers on content sites like this. They are safe and they are standard these days, allowing users to better navigate and to understand which pages they have already visited and which ones are new.


By using The Best Jokes website you are giving your consent for the terms listed herein, as is the case when you send us a message through one of the forms listed above. If that should not be the case then please contact us to let us know what the issue was, while closing this website down and not reopening it until we have dealt with your issue and put your mind at rest.


The Best Jokes reserves the right to make changes to these polices if and when we deem necessary. As we are not a membership site we can not inform our readers of upcoming changes and will therefore make no attempt to do so. However, by continuing to use The Best Jokes after these changes have been made you are giving your consent for them.