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Redneck Jokes

We come from all points on the globe here, so we’ve got equal rights to make fun of everyone. I, myself, was born and raised in the South. When someone calls me a redneck, I say “thank ya, ma’am.” Regardless, there are still those who think that picking on us is cool. A’ight. Here you are. Redneck jokes for you to use against us.

Redneck Jokes

Actually, some of the best jokes I’ve ever heard were redneck jokes. Like that time my grandpa told be the neighbor up the road a piece was making moonshine again. I asked him if the law had found out, and if he was in any trouble. He told me no, he only knew about it because the neighbors rats came and beat the crap out of our cats.

I freely give y’all permission to poke fun of us. That’s what you won by winning the War. Maybe there’s something you can find humorous about my banjo lessons, or the fact that my daughter’s dad is my sister’s husband’s sister in law’s cousin. True story. We all live in the same town. But don’t pick too hard. Remember where your moonshine comes from, folks.


Funny Redneck Jokes

What’s so funny about recycling? Hey, it’s your planet.


Funny Redneck Joke



Free Redneck Jokes

The bestest milk is the freshest milk. But no one would actually do that. You’ve got to save that milk for the butter churn. No fair wasting it. Checkout Animal Jokes for similar (albeit less offensive) jokes.


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Chewing tobacco and that kind of activity don’t mix. I’ve heard stories. You know, from my friends.


Best Redneck Jokes

Couples who chew together… lose teeth together? Die of mouth cancer together? Wash their truck together? I’m not sure where I’m going with this.


Very Funny Redneck Joke

Whoever wrote this joke has us confused with the kids over there in Kansas.


Short Redneck Jokes

Or in some cases, kick his cousin’s husband’s brother’s sister’s wife’s sister in the chin. You know, in some cases.


Long Redneck Jokes

Again. Kansas.


LOL Redneck Jokes

Here’s a fun fact for you. Incest with a brother or sister is legal in these states: Rhode Island. Ohio. New Jersey. Do you see a Southern state on that list? I don’t think so!


Hilarious Redneck Jokes

A’ight, that seems pretty solid.