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Rugby Jokes

They say that rugby is a game for thugs played by gentlemen and that soccer is the opposite. But they say that with a mouthful of broken teeth and a smile that could curdle milk, so it’s a little hard to take them seriously.

On another note… to all big, scary rugby players out there, that was a joke. Please don’t kill me. Take a look at these rugby jokes, who knows, maybe they’ll divert some of that anger, or at least distract you while I run away.


Funny Rugby Jokes

To be fair to the All Blacks, the same could be said for many top nations. Italy have been known to play a few players that could have easily played in other teams, if only they were good enough. England have also been guilty of this in the past, but yeah, the Kiwi’s seem to be more guilty of it than others. Still, you can’t argue with the outcome, because those guys know how to play.

We have a few jokes like this on our soccer page as all. Make sure you take a peek at those.


Funny Rugby Joke

Ah yes, an indicator that the editors asked one of our English researchers to write these jokes. Don’t worry, I’m Scottish myself and we got out own back on our page for English One-liners. Just a shame they had a further dig on us with our jokes about Scots page.


Free Rugby Jokes

Touché. Maybe I was wrong. Then again, the only team that an Englishman is willing to mock more than his bitter rivals is his own.


Rugby Jokes Picture

I feel like this was a bit of a stretch. I can’t help but feel the researcher came up a little short and just sort of threw things together until he made the theme fit. In all fairness, I would have done the same.


Best Rugby Jokes

More factual than funny, but I’ll let it slide. Even though the guy in the picture looks more suited to polo than rugby. And yes, I know he’s not real.


Very Funny Rugby Joke

Very true. Especially for me. I like a nice strong cup of tea. Nothing funny about that, of course, so don’t be expecting a punchline. I just really like tea.


Short Rugby Jokes

It’s always next year. It’s a favorite saying of failures, “Don’t worry, we’ll get it next year.” It’s also what I say when my wife asks me to put the bins out.


Long Rugby Jokes

Answers on a postcard please.


LOL Rugby Jokes

True story, my mother once drank the finger bowl (used to clean grease from your fingers) in a restaurant, thinking it was, and I quote, “a posh lemon soup”. On the plus side, she had two entrees that night.


Hilarious Rugby Jokes

Brilliant! You can’t beat that. So let’s leave it there. It would certainly make my job easier.