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Science Jokes

Science is hilarious. What with all those Bunsen burners and…theories. Okay, so maybe it’s not that funny after all, but jokes can be made about every profession and every hobby and there is no shortage of jokes about science.

So, we asked one of our writers to jump onboard as our researchers scoured the web for the best science jokes. Here’s what he had to say about them.

Science Jokes

I was never very good at science in school. My earliest memories of the subject were watching Weird Science, after which I spent my childhood waiting for the lesson that involved computer hacking and full-chested females. It never came and I’ve never forgiven science since.

Let’s hope I can get my own back and mock it a little with these one-liners about scientists and the subject they have devoted their geeky little lives too.


Funny Science Jokes


Funny Science Joke

Turns out these science jokes are not as bad as I thought. They make me feel more intelligent than I am, which makes me laugh harder to let everyone know that I really did get the joke and really know what inertia means.


Free Science Jokes

We’re straddling the line between “what I know” and “what the hell does that mean”. One more step and I’m over.


Science Jokes Picture

Why is Schrodinger’s “R” on the second line? Or maybe it’s on the first line?


Best Science Jokes


Very Funny Science Joke

“Last week” would have worked just as well, if not better. Or maybe that’s the simpleton in me. Too many redneck jokes I think.


Short Science Jokes

You know when I said these science jokes were funny? Well, I take it back. If only time machines were real.


Long Science Jokes


LOL Science Jokes



Hilarious Science Jokes

And a writer sees the end of an article, cheers, and then promptly leaves, glad he never became a scientist, but still a little disappointed that he never got to create his own sexy robot girlfriend.