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Stupid Jokes

Love a good stupid joke? Then you’ll adore these. We have asked our experts to find their favorite ones and we handpicked the best ones for you here.

Really Stupid Jokes

They say that the best jokes are the stupid jokes. And by “they” I mean me. I say it.

Humor is always a little stupid. From slapstick to puns and even jokes about stupid people. There is something so innately funny about stupidity. It’s why there is always a Joey character on a sitcom and it’s why you still hang around with your intellectually challenged friend, even though you seem to spend your entire friendship shaking your head in disbelief and secretly wishing you could slap them.

So, it’s time to celebrate stupidity with these jokes.


Funny Stupid Jokes

If you’re looking at this page in bewilderment, trying saying it really slowly. Nah. Imma-Stay. See? It’s not such a terrible joke after all.


Funny Stupid Joke


Free Stupid Jokes

Ah yes, the mushroom joke. Well, I suppose you can’t be original all of the time.


Stupid Jokes Picture


Best Stupid Jokes

After the farmer one, which, quite frankly, was awesome, this is a bit of a disappointment.


Very Funny Stupid Joke

Because sentient tomatoes like to riff on their own brutal demise just as much as us humans do. We have more in common with fruits than you think. And yes, it’s a fruit. Just don’t go putting it in a yoghurt.


Short Stupid Jokes

I hate puns. But this is technically true and I do love a good fact, so I am a little torn with this one.


Long Stupid Jokes

Just one? What happened to the other one? Also, technically there are a few other differences, but let’s not get pedantic.


LOL Stupid Jokes


Hilarious Stupid Jokes

So close to being a good joke, but it requires a little too much work and falls flat. I don’t know why I have suddenly turned into Simon Cowell. I just thought it had to be said.