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Summer Jokes

It’s summertime! Or, even if you’re reading these summer jokes in the dead of winter, you might just want to pretend it’s summer time. What’s not to love about summer? If you’re anything like me, you complained about the cold all winter long. “Oh, I can’t wait for summer,” you cried. “It’s so cold!

Now that it’s finally here, I’m going to pump the A/C down to about 50 degrees and freeze my ass off indoors, thank you very much.

Jokes about Summertime

Anyway, enjoy this little collection of summer jokes. We hope you like them. And we’d like to personally thank you for taking time away from checking out what the People of Walmart are (not) wearing this summer to come visit us. It can be hard to break away; we know what you’ve sacrificed. You’re a true hero.

Happy summer days from us to you – we hope you stay cool, or hot, or whatever you want to be this year!



Funny Summer Jokes

Mine too. Wait, beer won’t freeze, will it? Maybe it will… hmmm….


Funny Summer Joke

We all need a little energy boost now and then.



Free Summer Jokes

This reminds me of my favorite bacon pick-up line. “Do you like bacon? Wanna strip?” How can you say no to that – it’s bacon.


Summer Jokes Picture

You may also want to check with our Winter Jokes Page if you like this stuff. Although I can’t imagine why.


Best Summer Jokes

Anything goes in Los Angeles I suppose.


Very Funny Summer Joke

I have nothing against voluptuous men, but…isn’t this a usual occurrence?


Short Summer Jokes

When I get sunburnt I’m more a-peel-ing than a banana. I feel for ya, Chiquita. that’s rough stuff.


Long Summer Jokes

This works for the UK and much of Europe as well and it’s something addressed by our British commentator on our Hot Jokes page.



LOL Summer Jokes


Hilarious Summer Jokes

But surely a “fast break” would be okay, right? You know, they could just “lay up” in bed for the weekend? K. That joke was a “flop.”