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Tasteless Jokes

These jokes are tasteless and go all-out. So, if you like your jokes clean, then you are in the wrong place. If you prefer them a little risqué, then read on as we ask our resident evil humorist to comment on jokes put forward by our expert researchers.

Tasteless Jokes

I have commented on a lot of pages on The Best Jokes, including Soccer Jokes and our page on Jokes About Scottish People, of which I am one. I have had a lot of fun for the most part, but as I have also been tasked with commenting on jokes for kids and other fairly clean and boring stuff, that fun has been interrupted with some jokes that are, well, not exactly my thing.

This, however, is exactly my thing. It appeals to my humor more than anything because as far as I am concerned, the best joke is a dirty joke and if it doesn’t offend anyone then you’re not trying hard enough.

So, here’s hoping that these tasteless jokes don’t pull any punches!


Funny Tasteless Jokes

Funny, but I suppose it’s no more tasteless than asking me if I like stadium rock. The answer is yes, but as I don’t live in a stadium despite the fact that I would absolutely love to (who wouldn’t?) is it tasteless?

You’ve gotta do way worse than that to shock me.


Funny Tasteless Joke

It was nice of Bill to share his wife with his friend. Cannibals may not be all that bad after all. Yes they eat human flesh and yes they are probably murderers as well, but at least they are generous.


Free Tasteless Jokes

Ah come on. I have an irrational fear of dentists as it is, I don’t need to start worrying that they will kill me following a sneeze and a slip of the hand. Although I now have exactly that worry.


Tasteless Jokes Picture

Truly tasteless, but also humorous. If it doesn’t make you feel guilty for laughing then it’s not as tasteless as advertised.


Best Tasteless Jokes

I am sure we have covered this one before. But it was amusing then and it’s amusing now, so I’m going to let them get away with this. Also, as I mentioned before, this joke may actually sound a lot cruder to someone who doesn’t know that A Minor is a chord.


Very Funny Tasteless Joke

Hoes can get dirty but the hose can clean. There is so much potential for puns here.


Long Tasteless Jokes

Funny and much tamer than the one I just deleted. Let’s just say that there used to be one more joke on this page and that I now suspect that one of our researchers may be Hitler in disguise.


LOL Tasteless Jokes

What else? You dirty minded people.