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Being a teenager is not easy, but everyone seems to forget about that the minute they stop being one. They remember everything fondly and wish they were young again, but forget that when they were actually teenagers it was a horrible time when hormones, friendships, relationships and pubic hair seemed to be out of control.

As with all tragedies in life, there is also plenty of humor there, so let’s see if we can mock those teenagers and list a few jokes for our teenager readers as well.

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Although to be fair, these days the tight-jeans trend seems to have taken over. It’s more about pants so tight that they threaten to cut off your circulation and expose all kinds of unsightly bulges than pants that hang low.


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If only all of school lasted just 7 hours. We wouldn’t learn much, but we’d avoid the endless slog, the boredom, the embarrassment and everything else that goes along with school.


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There are a few other differences as well, but yeah, let’s go with this one.


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Fat kids need big cars, it’s basic math. They also need cars with cupholders and plenty of spare change for emergency McDonalds. That was probably a tasteless joke, but at least it matches the food.


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I genuinely thought that my toilet roll was magical, because I left it empty and when I went back a few hours later it was full. I thought the same magic extended to cleaning my house and picking wet towels off the bathroom floor.

Or at least, that’s what parents believe we think. The truth is that with all the nagging and complaining, “This in the millionth time!” we’d have to be deaf and stupid not to know what they are doing.


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True, but teenage girls can be just as bad as teenage boys. They are unable to see each other’s flaws and so, in a way, they are a perfect match. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but they do make a teenage relationship.


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Doesn’t quite work does it? Sing it and you’ll see what I mean.


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The noise, chaos and the smell of incense they keep burning because they think it hides the weed smell is also a good sign.