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Terms and Conditions (and Disclaimer)

The following information pertains to The Best Jokes, henceforth referred to by the company name or by the terms “We” and “Us”, and it’s readers, referred to as “You”.


We try to keep everything family friendly, but there are some cruder jokes on The Best Jokes and these are not suitable for children. These jokes are clearly marked and can be found on pages that explicitly state the theme of the content. If our jokes our not clearly marked as “Crude”, “Rude” or anything along those lines, then they may be suitable for a younger audience, but there is no guarantee. As a result, we can accept no responsibility in the event that a minor accesses this site and these jokes.

In addition, there are no adult-oriented images or other content and we also try to keep the obscene language to a minimum.

General Information

The Best Jokes is a comedy site that focuses on jokes, with a succession of small pages filled with pictures and an assortment of jokes. The site is owned by a media company who are responsible for its operation, as well as a team of contracted writers, researchers and designers who help to keep it running.


From time to time The Best Jokes chooses to affiliate with certain products and services. The affiliates result from a financial agreement, with the publisher paying for clicks, impressions, leads or a combination of all three. The inclusion of affiliate ads should not be seen as a recommendation or an assurance, unless otherwise stated. In many cases, such as with Google Adsense advertising, these ads are generated by a third-party based on the preferences of individual readers and they have nothing to do with us.

Third-Party Sites

The terms listed herein relate to The Best Jokes and only to The Best Jokes. If you click on any link within this site and it takes you to another, then these terms no longer apply. All external links on The Best Jokes point to sites that we do not own, do not control and have no say on how they operate.

We try to verify that these sites are safe before we link to them, but that is not always possible due to the changing nature of the internet. As a result, readers are advised to practice caution, to understand that all external sites will have their own terms and conditions and to know that because The Best Jokes does not sell a product or service, any page that offers such a sale is likely coming from another website.

Write for Us Terms

If you wish to apply to write for us then you can do so on the linked page. The editors will describe the details of this job to you if you are chosen for the role or if they decide to publish one or more of your articles.

By sending your work into The Best Jokes you are granting us permission to:

  • Publish exclusively (it may not be published anywhere else for at least three months)
  • Edit as we see fit (this may include removing links)
  • Publish anywhere on the website
  • Remove at any time

All submissions will be regarded as unpaid contributions. The Best Jokes is currently not looking for any new team members and these contributions merely serve to enhance the content and increase reader involvement. By sending your content to The Best Jokes you are relinquishing publishing rights and doing so with the knowledge that we can’t be held responsible if this content is lost or stolen.


We take copyright and trademarks very seriously her eon The Best Jokes. We do our best to provide original content where possible and to ensure that everything is copyright free, typically because it is part of the public domain.

Because we put so much effort into creating original content we ask that our readers pay us the same respect with regards to copyright as we pay others. Any use of content that is owned by The Best Jokes may result in us taking legal action. However, we are usually very open to having our images used on other sites, providing permission is requested first and we are credited accordingly.

To discuss this, please contact us and we will respond immediately. If permission is not granted and our copyright is used then we will consider this an act of copyright violation and may look to take legal action.

Copyright Claims

If you believe that we have used your image, joke or anything else without your permission then please contact us to let us know. As stated in our FAQ, we do our best to ensure that every joke and image is copyright free and the rest of the content, including the accompanying text that you see on the joke pages, is all provided exclusively for us by writers that we work closely with.

However, we understand that mistakes can and do happen, especially with regards to our joke images which are put together by a team of freelance researchers that work remotely and separately from the rest of The Best Jokes staff.


Here at The Best Jokes we endeavor to keep our family friendly content as child friendly as possible. We have established age groups and other joke categories to try and steer the more impressionable of readers away from the categories that may be too mature for them.

However, we can not be responsible for any mistakes made during this process. Jokes are a very subjective format and what is deemed family friendly and child friendly to one person may be deemed offensive to another. The use of this site requires a certain degree of responsibility on behalf of adults and guidance when minors are involved and by using The Best Jokes you are hereby agreeing to these terms.

Changes and Confirmation

By using The Best Jokes you are agreeing to all of the terms listed here and on our Privacy Policy page. Should you disagree with one or more of these terms, or you disagree with how we operate, you are welcome to close this website down. We try to create an atmosphere that is accessible to all but understand that this is not always the case and that some readers will not appreciate this.

If we decide to change one or more of these terms then we reserve the right to do so without prior warning and by continuing to use the site you are agreeing to those changed terms. The Best Jokes is not a membership site. We do not have emails of all readers and we have no means of contacting them, so this is the only way we can make changes.