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Write for Us (Submit a Joke, Anecdote or Write Comedy Articles)

Do you have a joke to tell us? Do you have an anecdote that you would like to share with the readers of The Best Jokes? Then this is the place to share it. If you look below you will find a form that you can use to submit anecdotes, jokes, articles and all other comedy pieces. Just make sure you check the guidelines below because 99% of the submissions we receive clearly do not and we have to reject these as a result.

As mean as that sounds, you would be surprised at some of the submissions we get. Half of them are related to sports and casinos, and most of the other half have absolutely nothing to do with jokes or comedy. I mean come on, we get that you don’t always want to read guidelines, but you could at least give the name of this website a cursory glance.

That should be all it takes to understand that we’re not interested in your article on why hair extensions are so great or your how-to on building your own coffee table.

What we DO NOT Accept

So, just to be clear, you should NOT contact us if you are offering us any of the following. These emails will be rejected on sight and our editors will not be too happy. They are a miserable lot to begin with so please try to help them out by not sending them any of the following:

  • Articles not related to our site (anything that is not funny)
  • Articles filled with irrelevant, low quality links
  • Poorly written and edited articles (unless it’s an original anecdote, in which case we will happily edit it)
  • Articles that are too short or too long
  • Anything related to adult or gambling sites

What we DO Accept

So, what do we accept? Well, believe it or not, we actually accept a lot. Take a look at the sections below to see what we accept.

In all cases you should also make sure that what you submit is relevant and that it fits into one of the categories below. If our editors receive anymore content that has nothing to do with comedy or jokes in anyway then they may leave this job for greener and less annoying pastures.

Submit an Article

We are often asked whether we accept guest posts or not. The truth is, we only want high quality articles and if that means giving you a link back to your site or social media account we are happy to do it. However, we have to insist that this link is placed in a bio at the end and not in the article itself. If you submit an article with links that we deem to be a poor fit then we reserve the right to remove them before we publish.

All articles submitted should be ORIGINAL and AT LEAST 1,000 WORDS. The content can be anything you want providing it is funny and somehow relevant to the work we do here. Ideally, it should be personal experience or opinion piece, but don’t take the word “opinion” to mean that we’re open to receiving crazy conspiracy theories and bigotry, because we’re not. Keep it clean and be normal, or at least as normal as you can be.

Submit a Joke

If you have an original joke then you are welcome to submit it. We will happily publish it and provide a link back to your social media account. This can be a good way for social media comedians to get a little exposure, especially as TBJ grows. We can’t pay for these, but we have to insist that they are original and that they have not been posted anywhere else prior to going live on TBJ, or that they will not be published anywhere else afterwards.

We’re not really interested in short jokes and one-liners. We prefer to add these to pictures and post them on our category pages. There would be no space for user submitted jokes here. So, make sure the joke is a little longer. If it’s not long enough to fill a page, we’ll add it to other jokes and publish at a later date.

Submit an Anecdote/Funny Story

These are what we prefer. If you have a funny story about something that happened to you, then you are welcome to submit it and we will publish it. We would be happy to tell our readers who you are (unless it’s an embarrassing story, in which case you can also remain anonymous) and to give this pride of place on our user-submitted sections of The Best Jokes.

We usually insist on all content being well written and proofread, but that’s because a lot of the content needs to come from writers. In this case, we understand that people submitting jokes and anecdotes are not always writers. So, don’t worry about making mistakes because if we like it enough and it has enough merit, we’ll ask our editors to fix it.

Before you Submit

You’re almost ready, but even in light of everything we said above, we have still been getting a lot of random submissions and irrelevant content. So, we just have to be clear about a few things before our editors give up on us altogether and go postal:

  • Be Relevant: We can not accept anything that is not funny or related to the content that we publish on this site.
  • Be Original: We can only take original content that has not been published anywhere else.
  • Links: We can not include low quality or irrelevant links. If you want to link back to a blog or social media page, please include a short bio at the end.


The Process

There are a few more things you need to know about what we do will with your piece:

  1. We reserve first publishing rights and hold exclusive rights for at least 3 months afterwards. if it is published elsewhere in that time, it may be removed from our site.
  2. We can not pay for any of the articles that we post.
  3. We make no promises with regards to how many times the piece will be seen or read, or where it will be placed. Please do not ask for it to be placed on the homepage or elsewhere.
  4. We can not respond to rejected articles. If you do not receive a response within a week you may submit elsewhere, assuming we have rejected it. Please do not send us emails asking about your article.
  5. We reserve the right to edit the articles prior to publishing them and will do so without informing the submitter first. We do this for clarity and conciseness, but we may also remove links and change inappropriate words and content.
  6. Once you have sent us an article, you are giving us permission to publish it and to keep it on our site. You may request removal of said article in the future, but we reserve the right to reject this proposal.
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.