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Yo Momma Jokes (Your Mama)

Your momma has issues, lots of them, apparently. Everyone’s talking about it. I mean, personally I think their comments are a little crude and unfair. Okay, so her addiction to Twinkies and gin have added a few extra pounds and made her nose look like a boiled radish, her breasts have sagged so much that they’re a trip-hazard and she’s so ugly that the USPS have blacklisted her entire neighborhood, but…but…

There was definitrly a but somewhere.

Maybe it was your momma’s. She has plenty of butt to go around after all.

Anyway, I digress. She’s probably lovely, underneath all of that, and if not at least you can get some good your momma jokes out of it. Speaking of which, here is a list of the best jokes about your mother. By which we mean they were all written specifically about your mother. Probably.

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Funny Yo Momma Jokes

She’s not just fat, she’s omniscient. At least she has global coverage. You just can’t buy that sort of publicity these days.


Funny Yo Momma Joke

I think I have just discovered my new party trick.


Free Yo Momma Jokes

She found her people! I’m glad this one had a happy ending.


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Best Yo Momma Jokes


Very Funny Yo Momma Joke

That’s one contest you would be happy not to win.


Short Yo Momma Jokes

She may be fat, but she’s probably earned a lot of royalties from that invention. Besides Jennifer Lopez, how many people can say that their ass has helped millions of teenagers to get their kicks?


Long Yo Momma Jokes

She has a lot more friends than I do. Maybe it’s because she’s such a famous inventor.


LOL Yo Momma Jokes

This is clearly not the same “fat” mother addressed above. You’d expect her to have a pretty good grasp on how the microwave works. But clearly the robbers targeted her for all of that iPad money.


Hilarious Yo Momma Jokes

Then she deserves a medal. Or a giant cake, whatever she would prefer.

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